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We Offer Hard Cash For Your House In A Hassle-Free Way.
Here Is How…

We buy your house for cash in any condition. This means we cut out all the middle men and other parties (real estate agents, inspectors, banks, etc.) that usually partake in the difficult traditional home selling process. Our service really is all about creating an easy and hassle-free experience.

Fill Out The Form

We are 100% aware that you do not like to submit your contact details all over the web. For that reason we are requesting the least contact information possible (property address, phone, & email).

“What Happens When I Submit The Form?”

Once submitted, we are providing you with the option to submit additional information about your property at your discretion. The more information we get, the better we can accommodate your preferred timeline. Remember, our service is always centered around your needs.

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Schedule A Walk Through

To be able to serve you with the best possible offer, we would like to schedule a walk-through of your property at a time of your convenience.

We Visit Your House

It is important for us to get an extremely good idea of your property to present you with the highest offer and keep our financial risk at a manageable level. After-all, would you risk a significant amount of your money on a mystery-box? Right, neither would we…

We Estimate Repairs

We would like to schedule a time with you to get a good look at your property so we can take note of any repairs or updates your house requires to compete with other houses selling in your proximity. This appointment should only take 30 minutes or less, depending on the condition of your home.

We Answer Your Questions

We would like to provide you with the opportunity to sit down with us and go over any questions you may have. This allows you to get to know us even better. In addition, we love building relationships in our community rather than just finalizing transactions. Of course, this is only optional and we are always available to you via other communication methods as well.

Receive Your Offer And Close

After we have returned to the office we will be able to finalize your offer within 24 hrs, depending on your specific situation and needs.

No Low-Ball Offers

To be able to provide you with an accurate and fair offer, we do put in the time to crunch the numbers. Unlike other Home Buying companies, we do not claim to provide you with an offer within 30 minutes. It sure does sound nice but in reality, do you believe one can really get a full picture on your property that fast to make you THE BEST OFFER they can? We let you decide that for yourself…

Almost Done

If requested, we will walk you through the numbers, full transparency. To make it even sweeter, we will provide an explanation of how we come up with our offers on this page for you as well.

“Thank You For Your Fair Offer! How Do I Get Paid Now?”

Once an agreement has been made, we will schedule a closing meeting at a reputable local title agency based on your timeline to sign the paper-work and have you walk out with stone-cold cash in your hands! Just as simple as that.

Our Offers Are Based On The After Repair Value

“What Is The After Repair Value Of My House?”

The After Repair Value [ARV] of your house is simply the value of your house after we have bought it from you and have done all the needed renovations to it. To find out the ARV we are looking at recently sold houses in your close proximity that are identical to yours.

Let’s say your neighbor just sold his identical house. He just fully renovated his kitchen, put in hardwood floors, replaced all the windows and added a fresh coat of paint throughout the entire house. In addition, his major home systems such as HVAC, plumbing, roof, etc. are all in perfect condition. Basically, he’s sold a beautiful, fully updated, “HGTV’ home everyone would want to live in.

Now, since the final sales price for his house is publicly accessible, we know he sold his house for $300,000. Therefore, we now know that your identical house could also sell for $300,000 if it was in the same “HGTV” condition as your neighbors.

This is what we call the After Repair Value!

We calculate our offer in a very simple way and we are more than happy to share it with you. Remember, we are always 100% transparent and happy to answer any questions along the way. Here is what we do after we collected all the facts about your house.

“What Does That Mean?”

AFTER REPAIR VALUE [ARV]: This is the value of your house after we have bought it from you and have done all the needed renovations to it.

COST OF REPAIRS [COR]: This is the cost of all the renovations that need to be done after we bought it from you to be able to sell it again.

OUR SELLING COSTS: Luckily for you, you don’t have to pay any selling costs if you sell your house directly to us. However, we on the other hand will have to use an agent to sell the house once we finalized our renovations. Our selling costs include agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs, etc. They usually accumulate to around 10% of the ARV (10% x ARV).

OUR MINIMUM PROFIT: Ultimately, we are a business and a business needs to make money to pay the bills (contractors, etc.). However, we try to keep our profits to a minimum to present you with the best possible offer. After all, this is how we get offers accepted and make everyone happy.

*Current As-Is Home Value: This is the value your home is worth before we bought it. This number is not part of our equation but it does offer value to you to compare our offer to what you could sell your house for on the MLS.

  • AFTER REPAIR VALUE [ARV]: $300,000
  • COST OF REPAIRS: $40,000
  • OUR SELLING COSTS: $30,000 (ARV x 10%)
  • MINIMUM PROFIT: $25,000

After Repair Value [$300,000] – Cost Of Repairs [$40,000] – Our Selling Costs [$30,000] – Minimum Profit [$25,000]

= Final Offer [$205,000]

Final Offer Analysis


Reddee HomeBuyers

You will leave the closing table with $205,000 in fast cash, without any extra fees and hassle that comes with the traditional selling process.


On The MLS

After deducting 6% agent fees and closing costs (6% x $235,000 = $14,100) you will be able to sell your home for $220,900 ($235,000 – $14,100), if everything goes smooth during inspections, etc.

Now it is in your hands what you want to do. Sell your house for $205,000 fast and without any hassles or sell it for $220,900 on the MLS after 6+ months, including obligations such as inspections, bank approvals, etc. Depending on your situation, is the risk of a lengthy and burdensome traditional selling process worth the extra $15,900 (before taxes) by selling your house with an agent?

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